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I miei script
Common ADS destroyer 1.9bPrevent the loading of common ADS, so the page will be faster and cleaner [1]
Angelfire ADS destroyer 1.1Prevent loading of ads on Angelfire sites; this also speed up the site (Inspired by "Angelfire Ad Remover" ) [1]
Detect Content-Type 1.0It alerts when the server send the wrong Content-Type (plain/text) for archives [1]
BOX.SK fix 1.0It fix errors caused by Javascript on these pages (http://* [1]
View page source 1.0View the source of the page [1]

Block Last MeasureRileva e disabilita l'exploit "Last Measure" [1]

Fix gzipped pagesCorregge il problema delle pagine compresse 2 volte
Fix content typeCorregge il problema delle pagine visualizzate come testo [1]

No click-to-activate
MSDN extrasAggiunge funzionalità extra a MSDN [1]

Emulate Greasemonkey functionsEmula delle funzioni rendendo Opera ancora più compatibile con script Greasemonkey [1]

Source Tree View script
Script tracerTraccia gli script in esecuzione - utile per il debug (Guarda nella console degli errori)

Opera 9 Easter egg (Acid 2)Opera 9 beta 2 was the first proper public release (excluding weekly builds) of Opera
to pass the demanding Acid 2 test. To celebrate that fact, and the fact that it was released
just after Easter, a small Easter egg was included (written by yours truly),
in the site patches for that version. - User JavaScript for Opera
How To Create - User JavaScript in Opera
Official nsane GreaseMonkey Thread
Best viewed in your browser :p