Codec Toolbox RS 0.7 Alpha


Codec Toolbox RS can read/change merit of all 32/64-bit codecs (including DMO) and it can list the codecs installed on the system.
It can detect broken codecs and filters.
Can also be used from command line (there are the real command line and another command line inside the GUI).
Click on the "Readme..." button in the application for help.


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0.7 Alpha - 2011/02/25 (CRC: 50612589)
- The log is now coloured
- Added listing of Media Foundation codecs
- Added listing of VFW / ACM codecs
- Added listing of the categories of DMO / Media Foundation codecs
- Added the possibility to read informations and open the configuration of VFW/ACM codecs (currently is mostly not working, if you want to see it try with vidc.i263)
- Added the ability to fix the problems found (currently only for Win XP 32/64-bit)
- Minor changes / fixes

0.6 Beta - 2010/09/13 (CRC: 8cc84d96)
- Inserted some text to make things clearer
- Elements that aren't needed are now hidden in the GUI
- Added a "Log" button to display the log in a bigger window
- The two command lines are now fully working (the real one and the one inside the GUI)
- List codecs / Detect problems now respect the 32/64-bit/Both selection
- Fixed reading of WMSDKMerit in List codecs
- Minor changes / fixes

0.5 Beta - 2010/09/09 (CRC: 0d744fb4)
- The detection of broken codecs and filters is now fully functional (it also check that the files of all codecs are accessible)
- Fixed read/change merit problem with broken DMO filters
- Added reading of the WMSDKMerit of DMO when present
- Command line is mostly complete