VirtualDub AIO Beta


VirtualDub AIO is an unofficial installer designed to quickly, easily and automatically install VirtualDub, input plugins, video filters and VFW/ACM codecs.

It will free you from the burden to search and install manually all the needed things and you will be immediately ready to start using VirtualDub.
Additionally, the program fixes common misconfigurations.


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Freeware Files

Changelog Beta - 2015/03/08 (CRC: 60ef36d3)
- Added the missing dll files of the FFMpeg input plugin
- Updated vsfilter to
- Added ColorTools 1.5b
- Other minor changes Beta - 2015/03/02 (CRC: ec8f0c4d)
- Updated the FFMpeg input plugin to beta B
- Added x264vfw VFW codec build 2538
- Added MLC VFW lossless codec 1.2
- Added a task to reset VirtualDub settings during installation
- Improved the option to reset codec settings
- Now the priority of the FFMpeg input plugin is set to high if "low priority" isn't checked
- The codec configurations have now the themes enabled
- Other minor changes Beta - 2015/02/28
- Updated the FFMpeg input plugin
- Other minor changes Beta - 2015/02/27
- Added Matroska, Quicktime, MPEG-2, Windows Media, FLV input plugins
- Added some video filters
- Fixed Xvid missing registry entries
- Added a task to reset codec/input plugin settings
- Other minor changes